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We have been notified that Bill C-377, the notorious anti-union Bill (Union Accountability), is back in the Senate. The message that we are given, is the Bill will go to Hearings, early November and to a vote early December.

We ask you to take ACTION. Have every member in the household, friend and relative to do the same.

Please send an email, call or visit the Senator(s) from your province, to vote this Bill down.

Attached is a letter that you can use, or create your own. Please copy politics@iamaw.ca if you email. Please notify us if you do get a response.

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OTTAWA – With the Conservatives dragging their feet on pensions, New Democrats have introduced an Opposition Day motion to expand the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Quebec Pension Plan (QPP) benefits to give middle-class families a fair break.

“Canadians depend on the CPP and QPP for retirement security and experts agree that the Conservatives’ blocking progress on this issue could result in a financial crisis for many Canadians,” said NDP Pensions critic Murray Rankin (Victoria).  “Ensuring that all Canadians are able to retire in dignity is a priority for New Democrats and with this motion we’re working make that happen.”

Rankin’s motion reads as follows:

“That the House call on the government to commit to supporting an immediate phase-in of increases to basic public pension benefits under the Canada and Quebec Pension Plans at the upcoming meeting of federal, provincial and territorial finance ministers.”





Please use the links below to share with your lists. We have already had 7,000 people fill out letters to the MPs, so please circulate as widely as possible.



English Petition: http://www.canadianlabour.ca/right-to-refuse-unsafe-work




This is the Campaign of The Canadian Labour Congress

The CLC represents the interests of more than three million affiliated workers in every imaginable occupation from coast to coast to coast.

The CLC is the umbrella organization for dozens of affiliated Canadian and international unions, as well as provincial federations of labour and regional labour councils.

We advocate on behalf of all working people in many different ways – from organizing campaigns and rallies to lobbying federal politicians in Parliament to speaking out in the media and to business on key issues to representing Canada’s labour movement internationally to developing partnerships with the community and other supportive groups.

Our goals are simple – what we wish for ourselves we desire for all.

Fairness Works !!!