Absentee ballots are to be requested before NOVEMBER 4, 2012 for election held on:
DECEMBER 4, 2012

a)     One (1) LL 1751 President

b)     One (1) LL 1751 Vice President

c)      One (1) LL 1751 Recording Secretary

d)     One (1) LL 1751 Secretary-Treasurer

e)      Three (3) LL 1751 Trustees

f)       One (1) LL 1751 Conductor/Sentinel


Under Article V, section 6 (d) of the Local Lodge 1751 Bylaws
Members who reside in outlying districts more than twenty-five (25) miles or (40 kilometers) from the designated balloting place, members who are either confined because of verified illness, or on leave qualifying under Canadian Family Leave Laws, or on vacation, or on official IAM business approved by the LL., D.L., or G.L., or on an employee travel assignment or reserve military leave, shall be furnished absent ballots as set forth in Section 3, Article II of the IAM constitution and Official Circular # 787.
And under Article II, section 3 and Official Circular # 787 of the IAM Constitution, members must comply with the following:
Any member entitled to receive an absentee ballot shall make written request to the Recording Secretary of the Local Lodge 1751 by delivering in person or mailing such request no later than thirty (30) days before the election, to:


Oukacha Errihi

Recording Secretary

3860 Côte Vertu, suite 208

St-Laurent QC  H4R 1V4