Internal Forms – Local Lodge 1751

Membership Application

To be filled by all new members. Even if the union dues are automatically deducted from your paycheck, it is important to fill that form. It gives you the right to vote during union election and it allows you to be candidate for those elections. Send form to member@aimta1751.caMembership application

Intown Expenses

To be filled union duty assigned Intown. Ex: taxi, parking, milleage, per diems  – InTown Expenses Claim

Out-of-Town Expenses

To be filled union duty assigned Out-of-town. Ex: hotel, airplane ticket, taxi, parking, milleage, per diems,  – Out-of-Town Expenses Claim

Bylaw Change Proposal

For members assigned to union duties during a regular day-off.  – Bylaw Change Proposal form

Absentee Ballots Form

To be filled 30 days before voting. Send to your Local Lodge by e-mail or by mail. – Absentee Ballots Form

Change of Address

To be filled in case of changeof address, phone number, email adress, etc. Send form to member@aimta1751.caApplication for a change of address

Nomination - Shop Steward

Shop steward nomination form

Resignation - Shop Steward

Shop steward resignation form

Retirement Card

To be filled before you leave for retirement. By filling the form, member should advise a Shop Steward with which type of watch he wants. Do not hesitate to contact your Shop Steward to get help filling this form.  – Retirement Card request form

Donation for Deceased Person

The local lodge bylaws authorized the members to ask that a donation to be made to a recognized charitable organization in case of death of a family member. Please read bylaws for more details. Some restritions may apply. – Donation Form

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