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Notes: Many forms can be filled on-line on the Aircanada website portal under My HR tab… eProfile – ClaimSecure

Wage insurance

For all IAMAW members

Application form
To be filled by all new new members. Even if the union dues are automatically deducted from your paycheck, it is important to fill that form. It gives you the right to vote during union election and it allows you to be candidate for those elections.

Request for time-off in lieu of regular days-off
For all members assign to union duty during a regular day-off.

In town expense claim
To be filled for all union duty assigned in town; ie: taxi, parking, millage, perdiem, etc.

Out of town expense claim
To be filled for all union duty assigned in town; ie: taxi, parking, airplane ticket, Hotel, millage, perdiem, etc.

Bylaws change proposal form
To be filled in order to propose a bylaws change. Must to be signed by 5 members.

Application for withrawal card
To befilled by a member who wish to withdraw from the organisation in a honorable manner; ie. a member who just obtained a promotion as team leader or any promotion outside the scope of the collective agreement.

Note: To be filled only when going outside the scope of the collective agreement. A member who fill that form and stay inside the scope of the collective agreement will continue to pay union due because of the Rand Formula. However, he will loose all benefits he would have as union member.

Application for retirement card
To be filled before you leave for retirement. By filling the form, member also advise is shop steward wich type of watche he whants. Do not hesitate to contact your shop steward to get help filling this form.

Donation for deceased person
The local lodge bylaws authorized the members to ask that a donation to be made to a recognized charitable organization in case of death of a family member. Please read bylaws for more details. Some restritions may apply.

Change of address
To be filled in case of changeof address, phone number, email adress, etc.

IAMAW shop stewards

Appeal form
To be filled when you receive grievance response from your supervisor and you whant to submit your griveance up to the next level.

AirCanada Forms

for all the form pls refer  to the aeronet web page under ”my workplace”  left colum ”forms”

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