Employee and family Assistance Program

Employee and family Assistance Program

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phone: 514-972-4095

email: efapyul@aimta1751.ca

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To listen

Talking about a difficult situation is often the best way to relief and ofen open doors to concrete actions that could help ease or overcome a problem.

To inform

The program will inform on different problems and procedures and offer different approaches (especially in alcoholism and drugs, in psychological, marital, physical, legal, familial, financial problems and any other kind of addiction and gambling).

To secure

In relation with a decision or behavior that you may have chosen.

To refer

The program will suggest union ressources, communal, therapeutic or professional ressources that will assure the best service you are in right to expect.

To help

Assistance that can make the difference and help you cope with your problem, but let’s not forget that the EAP representatives are resource persons, and not professionals. They are workers just like you, who sometimes have to face difficult situations related to their work, their social or familial life. They will do their best within the limits of their capacity.