Jessy Morales

Jessy Morales

Eastern Regional Coordinator

(514) 972-4095

The Employee and Family Assistance Program

Very simply, it is just what it sounds like – assistance to employees. The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) is an employee benefit program, which ideally is supported by both labour and management, that provides    confidential, professional assistance to help employees and their families resolve personal difficulties.

The EFAP program is utilized by the membership on a strictly voluntary basis. Also, the employee has a choice of which EFAP co-ordinator they wish to connect with. The Union and its Representatives encourage and motivate the membership to seek help through a confidential assistance program.

Objectives of the LL1751 EFAP program: Retain valued employees; Restore our membership to wellness and maintain gainful employment; Motivate our brothers and sisters to seek help through confidential program; Provide appropriate resources to the employee in order for them to resolve their problems; Provide follow-up for troubled employees.

Principals of the EFAP

  • Not intended to interfere with or in the private lives of employees.
  • Employee is responsible for own job performance.
  • Employee is responsible for own personal problems.
  • Getting early help for the troubled employee.
  • Use of EFAP program does not threaten job security or promotional opportunities.

Does not engage in union or company politics – remains neutral & non-discriminatory.

Why do we have an Employee and Family Assistance Program?

The I.A.M.A.W. helped form our EFAP program. It is a program for which we saw a need. Too many of our members were losing their jobs because of personal problems.

As a progressive Union, we are providing an EFAP to our membership because we care about them and because it is good business. Just as all of us occasionally suffer from some physical illness or disability, all people experience personal or emotional difficulties some time in their lives. Sometimes these problems become too much for us to handle and they affect our personal happiness, our family relations, our performance at work and even our health.

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