Steps to when a work accident happens

1. You must complete the incident report form with your superior. Failure to complete it may result in your accident and/or occupational disease not being reported; This could affect your salary since your disability may not be on file

2. You must meet a doctor as soon as possible. You are entitled to the doctor of your choice and to seek treatment at the institution of your choice

3.  For members from Air Canada, you must refer to the Air Canada work rehabilitation at 514-422-7167 and send your CNESST document at

     Then, you contact Air Canada human resources at (514) 422-2003 

4. You must complete the « workers claim » form. This form is very important because it will determine whether or not your file will be accepted. You can seek the assistance of you LL I751 ‘s CNESST committee. This request can be made online.


– Additional information –

You must give a copy of the medical certificate, the first document you must complete is the CNESST form. The employer is responsible for the refund notice. You can ask the help of your LL 1751 ‘s CNESST committee to assist you. It is recommended not to sign the form because its signature is optional.

Even if you are not off work, but on temporary assignment, you must complete the form in case the accident and/or occupational disease has not been registered

The costs of medical assistance are the responsibility of the CNESST, this consists of: The service of health professionals; Care and treatment by an institution governed by the Act; Medicines and other pharmaceutical products, etc

How to complete the worker’s claim

1. Medical Certificate  (CNESST’s form)

After your work accident, you should meet a doctor as soon as possible. You have the right to the doctor of your choice. Notify your doctor that your injury has gone to work and he/she will fill out the CNESST medical certificate. You will need that Medical certificate (on the CNESST’s form) to complete your claim

2. Worker’s claim (on the CNESST website, in « mon ESPACE »)

You must then complete the “Worker’s Claim” form. This form is very important because it is the first document to enforce your right. Please note that your claim must be sent to the CNESST within 6 months after your employment injury, otherwise you may lose your rights. It is therefore important to send your claim quickly.

You can request the assistance of your LL1751 CNESST Committee to complete your claim, but it is your responsibility to complete and to send it to the CNESST on time. This request can be made online. Visit the website: click on the “Santé et sécurité au travail ” tab, then click on «Workers» and make a claim and then “Go to the form”. Sign up for « Mon espace » by following the instructions.

The definition of industrial accident provided in section 2 of Loi sur les accidents du travail et les maladies professionnelles (LATMP):

“Industrial accident” means a sudden and unforeseen event, attributable to any cause, which happens to a person, arising out of or in the course of his work and resulting in an employment injury to him

Declaration of income on worker’s claim:

A worker’s gross income is determined on the basis of the gross income set forth in his employment contract (collective agreement), unless the worker proves to the CNESST that he derived a higher gross income from his employment with the employer in the service of whom he was when his employment injury appeared or from the same type of employment with different employers during the 12 months preceding the commencement of his disability.

To establish a higher gross income, the worker may include bonuses, premiums, and supplements for overtime. In this case, you simply have to provide the CNESST with your pay stub for the last 12 months preceding the commencement of his disability.

*Please note that the contents of this page are general information only and do not constitute legal advice. If you would like your file to be analyzed, you can contact your CNESST committee.*

How to contact your CNESST committee

Cell: (438) 521-8694