Airworthiness Committees

How to join your Airworthiness committee

We are pleased to introduce you to your new Airworthiness Committee. From now on, you will have a committee of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers working in YUL Line Maintenance for all airworthiness matters. Committee members receive additional training to assist members. This committee is a creation of and reports to Local Lodge 1751.

- The Committee’s mission will be to make members aware of everything that surrounds airworthiness
- The Committee can guide you through the SMS system and help you understand its structure
- The Committee can assist members who have to deal with the airworthiness management following an event
- Represent and help members with elements related to airworthiness and understand its intricacies to help you use existing channels that will contribute to its improvement (SMS / Task Card Discrepancy reports, etc.)

The members of this committee are:
- Éric Allard
- Jean-Guy Doiron
- Andrew Elliot
- Kevin Kokeram
- Nicolas Pepin
- Xavier Pallares

Do not hesitate to contact them if necessary:

This section will give some advice related to airworthiness. We invite you to submit topics that you would like to see in this section.

Jet Doctor corner :
Did you know? :

Jet Doctor

You are already aware of the new RII standard. It was established to be more in line with what is done elsewhere in the world.

A good way to remember the RII level 1 or level 2:
- The RII level 1 requires a license on the type (formerly CS)
- The RII level 2 requires two licenses on the type (formerly IC)

Bulletins of the airworthiness committee :

Some additional documents may be found here in the future.